America’s Water

Northern Chill is a premium naturally alkaline water. Our pristine & pure naturally alkaline water is bottled at the source in the beautiful north woods of Polar, Wisconsin. The Ice Age glaciers that moved through Langlade County about 15,000 years ago created the aquifer that produces Northern Chill. Springs are monitored constantly to ensure initial water purity remains unchanged.

Northern Chill’s Benefits

Northern Chill’s naturally occurring minerals and electrolytes have been known to help regulate nerve & muscle function among other benefits that help our bodies function more effectively. See FAQ section for more information on the benefits from our minerals and electrolytes.

Everyone deserves a great tasting and healthy premium water like Northern Chill from youngsters & seniors to millennials, Gen Z’ers, Gen X’ers and the Boomers. Treat yourself today!


Northern Chill is straight from nature. 

An American Water – Made in the USA and bottled from an aquifer created by glaciers in Polar, Wisconsin.

No artificial ingredients,
no processing,
and no additives.

Nothing is removed.
Nothing is added.

Zero calories.
Zero carbohydrates.
Zero cholesterol.

Just refreshing taste that quenches your thirst.