Article provided by: Eleaf

Nowadays, lots of e-cigarette brands intend to focus more on various functions, large screens and data collection of e-cigarette mods to appeal to most experienced vapers while neglect the demands of beginners who are just switching from smoking to vaping and are looking for a simple mod to start with. So where to find such a simple mod?


Eleaf cares about beginners’ needs and recently released two new e-cigarette starter kits named iCare and iCare Mini with PCC. If you are hesitated to switch to vaping because you thought vaping is too complicated and expensive, the iCare and the iCare Mini will totally change your mind.


The iCare is remarkably small in size due to its internal tank system, which is a good reason to regard it as a beginner’s mod. You can hide it in hand; you can fit it in any pocket of your clothes; you can even put it in your wallet. Filling e-liquid is also easy as pie! Simply remove the mouthpiece, take out the air pipe and fill e-liquid into the tank directly. Only make sure to not fill beyond the max line. There are no buttons, no various vaping modes and no screen at all. The iCare has an automatic on/off feature that initiates when taking a puff, meaning that you can take a vape directly whenever you want without any clicks of button or anything like that. When taking a vape, you can easily know how much battery capacity is left by a simple glance at the color of the light on the bottom part of the tank. Green indicates 100%~16%, yellow 15%-6% and red from 5% to completely dead. Charging the iCare is a piece of cake as well. Simply connect the iCare to charger with the USB cable provided. The light is red when charging and goes out when fully charged. Despite even smaller size, the iCare Mini has the exactly same inner system as the iCare but can be charged directly by plugged in or charged by the PCC of 2300mAh capacity that it comes with.


Simple yet still efficient, the iCare can hold 1.8ohm e-liquid; the airflow can be adjusted to your preference; the little IC 1.1ohm Head provides a nice flavor with satisfying amount of vapor production. Anther thing particularly worth mentioning is that both the iCare and iCare Mini with PCC are sold at a reasonable and affordable price. Easy assembling, simple use, and convenient carry, the iCare series is really a cool starter kit for beginners as well as a nice backup for experiencers.


If you are switching to vaping, the iCare or iCare Mini will be the best choice you’ve ever made; if you are thinking of a gift for the person you care about, the iCare or iCare Mini will also be the most wonderful one he/she never received.

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