Where is Northern Chill sourced?

Northern Chill is sourced from a glacier created aquifer in Northern Wisconsin.  Our water is sourced from a pristine 40 acre location in Polar, Wisconsin. The natural mineral spring water is filtered over rock and sand before we bring it to the surface to bottle for you.  As Northern Chill is not manufactured or processed, the natural levels of minerals and electrolytes are preserved.

What minerals and electrolytes are in Northern Chill water?

Harness the power of alkalinity and minerals to balance your diet and life. Northern Chill has an ideal balance of minerals because of our purity. The balance is straight from nature. Nothing is added or removed. Other waters start with ground water and then use purification, reverse osmosis or artificially add electrolytes. Not Northern Chill. We are just as nature intended!

Northern Chill’s minerals are also electrolytes. Click on each of our naturally occurring minerals below to discover their health benefits (Note: the benefits listed below are from the corresponding articles):


Helps regulate the pH level in the body, helps digestive system function properly, and helps against acid reflux and heartburn

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Benefits teeth and bone health as well as helps circulate blood, move muscles, and release hormones

More on Calcium
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Helps with biochemical reactions such as those that regulate muscle and nerve function, blood glucose control, and blood pressure regulation. Also helps with Calcium absorption.

More on Magnesium
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Helps balance the water levels in and around your cells and maintain blood pressure levels.

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Works with sodium and potassium to help balance acids in your body as well as helps fluid move in and out of your cells. It helps keep you hydrated.

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Works with sodium and potassium to help balance acids in your body as well as helps fluid move in and out of your cells. It helps keep you hydrated.

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What are electrolytes?

Electrolytes are involved in many of the body’s essential processes and help the body function properly. Electrolytes are involved in conducting nerve impulses, contracting muscles, keeping you hydrated, and regulate your body’s pH levels.

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What does Northern Chill taste like?

Our mineral content creates a unique clean, crisp and creamy taste. Our water is naturally delicious and leaves you craving more which helps you consume the recommended daily amount of water. It is so delicious that even if you don’t like drinking water, you will love Northern Chill.

What type of plastic is used for Northern Chill bottles?

Northern Chill is bottled in PET plastic that is BPA Free. Northern Chill uses waterproof labels that don’t fall off when wet in the cooler.

Our bottles, labels, caps, and box packaging are all 100% recyclable.

Why is the state of Wisconsin on the label?

Our unique label celebrates our water being born in America.

What is Northern Chill’s message?

Northern Chill is proud to be an America Premium Alkaline Water. We are committed and thankful to the everyday American and to those American heroes and other Americans that selflessly give of themselves to make things happen in America each and every day. As a thank you, our brand ambassadors will be stopping by different locations and dropping off water to those individuals. We will also be highlighting profiles of different people who exemplify serving, protecting, and making things happen.

How do I sell Northern Chill?

Please send email to info@northernchill.com with your request and someone will get back to you.

How do I get Northern Chill at my fundraiser?

Please send email to info@northernchill.com with your request.

How do I become a Northern Chill Social Influencer or Brand Ambassador?

Please send email to info@northernchill.com with your request

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