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Best Type Of Water For Athletes

Best Type Of Water For Athletes

Water is essential to have a healthy life. A human can’t survive more than four days without it. Our bodies are made of 60% water on average, so replenishing the liquids we discard is vital. And it is even more critical if you are an athlete. Athletes have to be conscious of what it is they put into their bodies. It not only consists of eating healthy foods but drinking the best type of water for athletes. 

Northern Chill is one of the best hydration drinks choices because they offer pure alkaline water bottled directly from the source. The water comes from the North woods of Polar, Wisconsin, where aquifers formed by glaciers thousands of years ago are filtered naturally by the rocks. 

Northern Chill continuously monitors the natural springs to make sure they keep the same purity levels. And because the water is filtered naturally, it has high mineral content, which gives the water an addictive smooth and delicious flavor. The flavor is one reason why it is one of the best drinks to stay hydrated; you will find it easy to drink your recommended daily water amount. 

Why is Northern Chill best for sports and hydration?

When doing sports, people lost electrolytes through sweat in the form of minerals like sodium, magnesium, and potassium. That’s why sports drinks always have electrolytes to replenish the body. But many of these are put in the drink artificially.

Northern Chill bottled the water directly from the natural springs. The water doesn’t have any artificial ingredients, calories, carbohydrates, no chemical additives, and no component is removed. It has minerals naturally added to the water by many years of being filtered through the soil, making it one of the best type of water for athletes out there. 

Northern Chill’s Benefits for Athletes:

Northern Chill’s bottle water has the following minerals:

  • Bicarbonate: when doing high-intensity exercise, the muscles in the body lower their pH levels. The bicarbonate in Northern Chill’s water has higher pH levels, which helps our body keep the balance. It also helps increase performance at the end of a game or competition when your body is at its limit. And bicarbonate will help reduce more common issues like heartburn and acid reflux.
  • Calcium: increase blood circulation, muscle movements, and hormone production. All of these have a direct impact on athletes’ performance.
  • Magnesium: this mineral is involved in hundreds of biochemical reactions in our bodies, including transforming food into energy, repair and create cells, and contraction and relaxation of our muscles. It also can help move blood sugar into your muscles faster, which will decrease the need for lactate that causes muscle fatigue.
  • Sodium: a lack of sodium in the body can cause fatigue, weakness, and muscle cramps. Athletes have the risk of suffering this because of long exercise periods where they lose sodium through sweat. So, they will benefit from drinking Northern Chill water when training.
  • Chloride: it helps to keep acids balance in your body and move fluids from a to your cells, keeping the body hydrated.

You can buy the best water for athletes online at amazon.com: https://www.amazon.com/northernchill or contact us for inquiries: (715) 602-6317