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Sports Injury Tampa

Recreational sport does not always have rampant injury cases, because the participants do exert the same energy as is with professional sports. Organized sport has a risk that incurs injuries on about 8.6 million Americans every year. Many of these injuries can revert without intervention, while others the severe ones and need intense medical attention. Even the most professional athletes are prone to fractures; hence they employ aggressive prevention measures like protective gear and energy inducing practices.

Common sports injuries

  • Sprains on ligaments
  • Strains on tendons and muscles
  • Knee injuries
  • Swollen muscles
  • Rupture of tendons
  • Fracture of bones
  • Dislocation of a bone in the body
  • Damage on the rotator cuff

A sports injury in Tampa is a threat to most professional athletes because it signifies the end of their passion and lucrative endeavor. Injuries can take you off the team or temporarily cancel your participation in several upcoming games.  Luckily, technology and knowledge make it easy to attain immediate recovery.

The best sports injury treatments

Physical therapy

One of the most common and more traditional ways of handling an injury is through physical therapy. The therapist will walk you through a series of solutions that will stretch your motion and build strength on muscles. Physical therapy is the best for athletes that need to pick up the same competitive spot in a game. Our physical therapy programs include:

  • Personalized examination
  • Personalized treatment plan
  • Modalities like stretching and strengthening specific muscles
  • Education to upkeep the therapy outside the standard sessions

Chiropractic care

Chiropractic care is famous for multiple sports injuries, such as pains, neuropathy, headaches, and herniated discs. The practice targets the entire body and therefore offers relief on more than one problematic area. We take in four or ten visit plans and indicate the monthly and biannual costs of both programs.

Massage therapy

Massage therapy is the second option for sports injury treatments. The practice helps the body relax and reduces tension on muscles. It helps with pain relief, improving the range of motion and circulation of blood. Repetitive massages focus on improving the health of several muscle groups as well as the mental state of the patient. Massage therapy targets the physical illnesses and unseen anomalies like a weak digestive system, asthma, and arthritis.  


Cryotherapy is the application of cold and moist air to reduce swelling and inflammation. The treatment is, therefore, very convenient for injured ligaments, muscles, and tendons. Cryotherapy offers fast and long-term relief of pain; hence it is a popular solution in alleviating pain during sports breaks. You are likely to have witnessed cryotherapy on TV or the field, as it is familiar with many NBA and NFL players.  

Seek medical attention as soon you notice discomfort in your body or mind because deeming the issue superficial will only make the pain worse. We have enough experience working with elite athletes and aggressive recreational sports lovers with any sports injury in Tampa.

The comprehensive benefits of all exams and treatments are sure to bring back your health fast. Contact us for further details on each program and how we can get you to begin the service without delay.




Sports Injury Tampa

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Sports Injury Tampa

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