Thankful to Our Heroes & Hardworking Americans

Northern Chill was nicknamed “America’s Water” as we are full of thankfulness to all of the American’s that serve, protect, and make things happen every day in America. From the everyday American to first responders, current and past military, business owners, farmers, teachers, medical professionals, and union workers to name a few, we are in awe of all you selflessly give and do on a daily basis to get things done!

Even when you are sick, tired, sore or the weather is crappy, you still show up and make it happen.

In appreciation, we at Northern Chill will continue to stop around and say “Thank You” by giving out cases of our water. We also want to highlight as many of these individuals as we can through our social media with special “Profile” postings.

Who’s your hero, military and civilian alike, or hardworking American?

Northern Chill is always looking for input on who to include in our Profiles. If you would like to tell us more about you or someone you know that exemplifies “serving and working hard every day in America”, please send a paragraph and photo and/or video to to be considered.